About Us

"Understanding the extracoorporeal community unique needs so that we can elevate perfusionists"

Our Mission

To be a leader, active, agile and innovative organization that prepares high-level professionals, who ensure the application of technology for the health care system in the Latin American region.

Our Vision

Promote sustainable specialized education programs in the area of ​​extracorporeal technology, with university level and adjusted to international standards to meet the training needs of professionals in Latin America and ensure the optimal benefit of patients undergoing cardiovascular procedures.

Perfusion School ALAP

Fundacion ALAP is proud to present educational offerings to  improve patient care for perfusionists and technologists that assist perfusionists through our Learning Management System.  The First Latin American school of Perfusion located in the hard of the caribean (Santo Domingo D.R), provides an interactive learning experience for individuals and is comprised of Modules which qualidy young profesionals on the extraccorporeal field to the highest standars. 

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Commitment to Latin American health


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Strategic objectives


1) Provide certified master level training to 100 specialists in periods of 2 years to meet the demand of the Latin American Region.

2) Create the first 5 schools in the next 2 years.


Improving Perfusion trough Education