Welcome to the scholol of the Fundacion ALAP. L We are pleased you have chosen to consider our university for your higher education needs. ALAP Admissions is where your journey all begins. ALAP accepts applicants from around the world that comprises our multi-cultural student body enrolled amongst eight Schools of Study and in Diploma Programs. Students can apply for their degree program of choice along with our Diploma programs stated on our Admissions Requirements page. Our Student Accounts goal is to provide students with fast, friendly service as a means of supporting and encouraging every student’s academic achievemen, we offer Institutional Scholarships, Tuition Payment Plans, University  Tuition Discounts.

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Admission Requirement Types

Choose the application type (Domestic, International, or Online) and appropriate program below to explore the admissions requirements.

Domestics Applicants

All Dominican citizens, permanent residents  and holders of certain types of visas such as  political asylees and refugees are eligible for Domestic Tuition. Alumni who graduated from a ALAP degree or certificate program are eligible for Domestic Tuition. 

International Applicats

International Tuition applies to all applicants are not Dominican Citizens, visa holders with the exception political asylees and refugees who are eligible for Domestic Tuition.

Online Applicants

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